Lessons of Many Lives Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression


Hypnotherapy Can Help

Have you come to a place in your life you are ready to make mental, emotional, spiritual or physical changes but you don't know how? Hypnosis may be the answer. Hypnotherapy can help you clear away roadblocks to bring about positive changes in your life. My mission is to help my clients maximize their potential and live the vibrant, joyful, fully engaged lives they deserve. Whether your goal is to achieve better physical, mental and emotional health - through relaxation, anxiety release, or weight loss to name a few - or to embark on a journey of self-discovery, hypnotherapy can help.


The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The health of your mind, body and spirit are inseparable. Hypnosis can help you to integrate all three so that you can be your self-confident best in all aspects of your life. No matter what your reason for seeking hypnotherapy, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason.
There is a light inside of you that is waiting to shine bright, and I am here as a conduit for you to reach within and discover that light. Together, we can unlock your potential for the life you have been longing to live.

The one and only thing that matters is the integrity of the soul

Melissa Watts

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